In Wolf Pack 1 we rode for Child Refugees, supporting the incredible work of Save the Children. The challenge was simple: Ride from Geneva to San Remo; leaving at dawn on Saturday August 12, riding more than 500km, climbing more than Mount Everest, and getting to San Remo by Sunday Sunset. Check out the film below to see how we got on.

we get it. 

Climate Change is pretty overwhelming. You’re probably hoping that our governments are on it and a tech solution is going to come along that solves it. We hear you. The sad truth is that the measures in place have already failed, and a technological solution is not coming in the tiny timeframe left. We, as a species, are in a very bad place.

The good news is that the answer is clear, and we can make it happen. We have to stop fossil fuels. It’s that simple. 

So we’re not asking for your money. We’re riding for your minds. We hope to inspire you to take action to avert disaster.

We’re riding for 350.org, a global grassroots campaign to help people like you find ways to pressure your governments - local and national - to take real steps to stop the use of fossil fuels. That means getting public money out of companies who profit from fossil fuels, and making them pay a just bill for their impact.

All we ask is that you sign up for the newsletter at 350.org and see if you want to be a part of what they invite you to. If you get involved, that will be incredible.

That it will be hard is a given. That it’s impossible is a fallacy. The hour is late. The time is now. 


Unless fossil fuel extraction and consumption is radically curbed it’s certain that global temperatures will rise by more than 2 degrees, a level generally accepted to be a tipping point that will prove catastrophic for human life. Energy companies are committed on their balance sheets to extracting four times the amount of fossil fuels that could be consumed before we reach this limit. Without specific action to stop this, we will all suffer the consequences.

The sad fact is that renewables can’t save us if we keep burning fossil fuels. Tradeable permits can’t save us when they don’t stop the emissions, and since their introduction, emissions have increased, year on year. We certainly can’t afford new fossil fuels (shale gas etc.) as a bridge. Renewables are more than good enough to step up, if we only back them, and remove the market distortions that favour fossil fuels.

The only sane answer is to stop burning the fossil fuels that cause climate change. If we don’t do that, the rest of it won’t matter anyway.

Powerful entities don’t want this. A lot of money is being made, the cause is confusing, and there aren’t that many votes in it. For these reasons, change occurring just because our situation is dire, is, tragically, profoundly unlikely.

Some of the world’s most advanced complexity-theory models show that the one dynamic which offers hope in our situation is resistance – mass uprisings of people, changes in behaviour, blockades, boycotts, and more. This kind of environmental direct action, along the lines of the abolition and civil rights movements, has been shown to represent the only likely source of friction that could provoke real change.

Stopping fossil fuels may sound like a pipe dream, no matter how essential it is to our survival. However, big things are happening. New York City is currently taking the big energy companies to court, suing for the damage that their activities are causing and will cause the city. We need to make our representatives all over the world take similar action.

We are on the brink of planetary disaster. What begins by affecting the land and air will quickly change where we can live and what we can eat. The fallout will spread rapidly and brutally. We’re talking about hunger, refugees, unrest and war. Really bad shit.

Trusting in the power of human ingenuity and altruism to filter to the top, through a sea contaminated with conflicting corporate interest, is simply naïve – no clever boffins are coming to save us. You only need to look at the fact that emissions have risen dramatically, worldwide, every year since carbon taxes and carbon capture technology were introduced, to know that what we’ve been doing has been a spectacular failure. We’ve wasted the last three decades when we should have been fixing this.

We are in a fight, and we’re losing badly. It will take millions of small acts to win. WE HOPE SOME WILL BE YOURS.

JOIN US on july 28, 2018. bring your best mates. ride together. HOWL AT THE MOON. share the wolf pack love.

The friends who started Wolf Pack have ridden together for a long time. We've ridden for speed, for adventure, to get away from real life, and to get closer to each other. When we ride we find things out about ourselves, and share things we didn't know were going to come out.

Wolf Pack is about creating incredible experiences and sharing them with friends old and new.

It's a team challenge. You need to come in a pack of at least three riders. Bring your best crew. Packs ride together, looking out for each other, helping each other, getting to the finish as one.

If you want to ride, check out the FAQ below to get to grips with the detail.

It’s going to be epic. We hope you decide to join us. Use the form below to tell us you're coming.


The Wolf Pack Cartography Committee has been deep in thought and has emerged with an absolute banger of a route for WPII. Having flung ourselves against the giants of the Alps in 2017, we kind of had to grapple with the monsters of the Pyrenees this year.

Paying homage simultaneously to the legends of the Tour, the Vuelta, and the Volta, the route from Pau to Barcelona is frankly outrageous. Having Tourmalet for breakfast is a hell of a kick off, and battling over Bonaigua by night and seeing in the dawn from the summit of the Canto should leave a mark on all our souls. Slipping in some classics like Aspin and Peyresourde in the middle should make sure it was worth getting up early for.

The final sun kissed run down to Barcelona in time for tapas and beer on the beach should be pretty acceptable as well.

And yes, it’s 503km, and indeed we do know that 12,000 metres of climbing is quite a lot. And that seven major mountains in a row is the very definition of cruel and unusual.

Join us. Help us get over, share the magic, and be a force for change.

howl at us! sign up HERE.

Tell us if you want to ride, get more info, or you just want to be kept up to date. 

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where do i get that kit?

Right here. The shop's not quite ready yet, but check back soon to place an order. If you've signed up [here] then we'll email you when we're ready for orders. 

A percentage of every order will go to 350.org, so even if you're not riding, buying Wolf Pack kit is a great way to support.


QueStions + ANSWERS.

What does it cost to enter? Nothing.

When is it? July 28 [and 29!], 2018

Will I be able to do it? This is very important. Wolf Pack is a monstrous cycling challenge. If you’re not already a very seasoned cyclist then the sensible answer is no. If you’ve ridden all night, done some long sportives, ridden in the high mountains, ideally doing several long days back to back, then you could consider whether or not you can handle it. You need to be confident of yourself and your pack mates. If you aren't sure, you probably haven’t done enough riding. We aren't saying that to sound tough, but to keep you safe.

Do I have to ride for 350.org? No. You’re welcome to ride for [and/or raise money for] any good cause. We want Wolf Pack to benefit as many deserving causes as possible. 

Do I have to raise money? No. But we'd like you to have an impact somehow. You’re doing something so stupid hard that even your cat will understand it’s a bit unhinged. Tell people what you’re doing and they will give you their money or attention. You’re doing the impossibly hard bit, why not do some good at the same time? But, to be clear, if you just want to ride, nobody's going to be mean to you for it. Just make sure you give us a tow at some stage.

Can I come alone? We ask that you don’t. Wolf Pack is all about shared experiences, and your pack is at the heart of that. Bring at least two riding buddies and stay with them. You need to look after each other out there.

I don't see any women riding, what's up with that? We were so proud that one of the original Wolf Pack was a woman. Sadly she had to pull out at the 11th hour after Ironman Nice chewed up her knees a couple of weeks before. She'll be back for WPII and we're very confident that she won't be the only one. Wolf Pack is for everyone. If you don't see yourself represented, know that you're welcome, and you need to come down and represent.

Will there be support? There will be as much support as you bring. You can ride with all your food and kit on saddlebags, or you can convince a full team car to follow you with sticky bottles and spare bikes. But as with everything in Wolf Pack - it's down to you.

What about feed stations? We call them restaurants. They will be open at times and closed at others. This needs to be thought about. Depending on where you are on the route at any given time, you want to take advantage of opportunities as they present themselves.

Will we really ride all night? Yes. 

Does non-stop mean no stopping? No. It means no getting a room for the night in a hotel. We don’t recommend staying upright on the bike for thirty eight hours. That would be silly. Stopping to eat, drink, pee, lie down, even have a roadside nap under a bush, is all encouraged.

What’s the cut-off? The challenge is to depart at dawn on Saturday, and arrive by Sunset on the Sunday. That should be roughly 38 hours. But maybe it'll be 37. It depends. On the sun.

What do I need to pack? This is an exercise in self reliance. So we can't tell you. However, there are some things we have learned which might help, below.

So you're not going to help me at all, right? We will share a map before we ride with any juicy tidbits we can gather about the route, potable water etc, and when we're riding we'll all help each other as much as we can. But, it's an exercise in self reliance at the end of the day. Depend on yourself, depend on your pack mates. 

How do I get that badass kit? You buy it here.

Which hotel should I book at? We won’t be nominating one base. Stay wherever works and meet at the start before dawn.

You got me. Where do I sign up? Here.

Can I donate? Not through us. We want actions this time, not money. Get to 350.org and get involved!


This is not a guide to getting Wolf Pack done. You need to think everything through and take responsibility for every aspect of your ride. This is just some of what we've learned so far, to help you shape your thinking.

CLOTHES: It’s hot in the valleys and can snow on the high peaks. You need to be fully covered.

FOOD: Whatever happens, you can’t run out in the night. Emergency cover is essential. Real food will serve you better than a diet of pure gels. 

WATER: Runs out faster than food. Know where you can refill with potable water if you don’t have support.

BRING IT: Better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it.

EMERGENCY: Know how to call emergency services - in every country.

INSURANCE: Don’t leave home without it.

EMERGENCY CONTACTS: For you and your friends.

BLOOD TYPES: Know them.

LIGHTS: Ride at night out of the city to test them. Know how long they last. Have a power plan. A head light can be great for looking round corners when descending.

POWER: USB power packs are useful. Know that you’re carrying enough for your lights, computer, and phone.

MOBILE: Will it work everywhere you’re going?

ANYTHING CRITICAL x2: If you can’t live without it - contact lenses, medication, comfort blanket - you need a backup. 

HERO: Don’t be one. If your pack is riding you into the ground make them stop. A hundred kilometres down the road you’ll all be paying for it when you can’t carry on.

BIKE: Recently serviced, but with time for the service to bed in. This is not the ride for the bad mechanical you’ve been saving up.

SLEEP LOADING: Is a thing. You can store some up over the week before the event. Get to bed!

SLEEP: During the ride. But not on the bike! You need to make the cutoff, not prove anything about your ability to withstand sleep deprivation. They use it as a torture for a reason. Take a few strategic cat naps in warm places for twenty minutes at a time and you'll find your mind and body work much better.